The Factory

The furnace Furnò, better known today as Cotto Furnò, was born in 1920 with the production of handmade bricks, roof tiles and floors. In the early 1960s, with the intention of following the growth trend of the building market, the company started the production of bricks.
In the mid-eighties, after having acquired an industrial plant, Cotto Furnò resumed its original production. Thus, it re-proposes terracotta floors and accessories made with local raw materials (clay and volcanic sand) which give the product high quality standards and precious fabrics.


Always attentive to new market trends and the requests of a demanding clientele, in the early 2000s the company enriched its offer by launching the “Kwikdry” version on the market, the terracotta pre-protected with anti-efflorescence water repellent to facilitate the operations of installation and subsequent maintenance, without however altering its natural beauty.

Quality and experience to this day.

The company’s core business today consists of extruded terracotta, which together with the production of handmade terracotta, make the Cotto Furnò brand a widely appreciated and sought-after synonym of quality and experience.
Passion and dedication distinguish the path taken by the company which over the years has proven its ability to look to the future and to new technologies, without ever forgetting its origins. With the aim of satisfying and retaining its customers, the company intends to sell not only a product of extraordinary quality, but also the culture of a millenary material and by its nature eco-friendly.