Hand made cotto

Hand Made Cotto is manufactured by an old traditional craft method, entirely by hand.
The moist mixture of clay is moulded in special shaped wooden frames and manually pressed by hand in order to give consistency and homogeneity to the tiles.

The tiles are then naturally dried and after 3-4 days they are fired in the kilns up to around 1.000 °C.This traditional manufacturing process makes the hand made tiles of Furnò unique and suitable for installation in refined and prestigious environments.

After an accurate selection the finished products are palletised. Beside the more usual applications, restoration of old buildings and installation in new buildings which recall the atmosphere of ancient times, recently the installation of hand made tiles is largely used in combination with modern furniture and fittings.Setting with adhesive is suggested, no joints.Recommended in Kwikdry type, pretreated with water-repellent solution. (Size and shapes not included in the section “Technical data” may be quoted upon request)