Fornace Furnò Agatino & Figli Snc, today well known with the brand “Cotto Furnò”, was established in 1920 with the production of hand made bricks, roof tiles and floor tiles.
In the early 70’s with the aim to follow the increasing demand of the building industry, the Company started the production of tiles.

In the mid-1980’s, after having provided industrial production facilities, Cotto Furnò resumed its original production. The company offered again terracotta tiles and special pieces made up of natural local clay which gives the product high quality standard and precious textures.

Handmade production

High Quality

In the early 2000’s, the aim to satisfy the customers’ needs and to follow the market trend led the company to offer the new line “Cotto Kwikdry”, a water-repellent, biodegradable treatment through a manufacturing cycle by immersion. The main advantages of the treatment consist in a deep and permanent protection against efflorescence, considerable time saving during laying and treating operations and subsequent easing of the maintenance operations, without altering the natural beauty of the tiles.

The core business of the Company is currently the machine made terracotta production, which together with the hand made production, make the Cotto Furno’ brand a synonym of quality and experience.
Passion and devotion have always marked the progress of the Company which have always been able to look ahead and adopt new technologies while never forgetting its origin.

With the aim to satisfy and to build customer’s loyalty the Company proposes to sell not only a high quality product but also the whole culture which stands behind this millenary and eco-friendly product.